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Washington DC Metro Area

F.A.Q page

What is Ahoy Carpool?

Ahoy is a carpooling mobile app exclusively built for commuters in Washington DC Metro (DMV area).

How do I get paid if I offer ride to someone?

People who took the ride will pay you via Ahoy carpool mobile app. Amount will be credited to your Ahoy Wallet.

If I choose to drive (offer a ride), how much will I get paid (1-way ride)?

$7.50 flat rate (1 rider) 
$5.00 flat rate per each rider (if 2 or more riders)

(Ahoy charges a convenience fee for processing the payments)

If I choose to ride, how much will it cost  me 

(1-way ride)?
$7.50 flat rate (1-1 ride)
$5.00 flat rate (if you ride with 1 or more co-riders)

For e.g.

If you are the only rider - you pay $7.50

If you have more than 1 riders in the vehicle - you all pay $5 each

As a rider who do I pay when I take a ride?

Ahoy Carpool is a peer-to-peer Carpooling platform. You pay to the person who is driving.

Is Ahoy caprool App free?

Yes, absolutely. Its a free app available in Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store)

How can I book my carpool in advance?

Use "Book A Carpool" option. 

(You can choose to "Drive" or "Ride")

Can I ride with people of my choice?

Yes, you can choose people of your choice when you book a carpool. If they accept your request, you can carpool with them.

How can I track my upcoming carpools?

You can use "My Carpools" option to track your uncoming (scheduled) rides.

How can drivers verify riders?

Riders need to provide a "confirmation no." to drivers so driver will be able to start the trip.

(My Carpools screen)

How does a driver start a trip?

My Carpools screen has all scheduled rides. Drivers need to open a particular ride and verify confirmation no. of rider(s) before they can start a trip.

What is the payment process?

When destination arrives, driver presses "End Trip" button. Rider(s) will see the payment screen so they can make the payment.

What are payment options?

Riders can pay using credit/debit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover) (or) PayPal.

They can also use Ahoy Wallet balance to make the payments.

What is Ahoy Wallet?

It is a convenient option for users so they can load their wallet using credit/debit cards and maintain balance so the payment becomes a breeze.

Can I Cancel my scheduled carpool?

Yes, you have the ability to cancel the trip.

(If the cancellation happens within 2 hours of scheduled ride time, a cancellation charge applies)

I am new in DC Metro area - how do I use the app?
Over 100 commuter locations are mapped in the app for commuter's convenience. 
Always feel free to contact us (whatsapp/message) for any commuter tips. We are here to help you

I travel from Ashburn to Union Station - how can I see if I have other users who commutes in the same direction?
Ahoy carpool app has "Smart-Match" built into it. Based on your commute preferences it will show you the matches.

Any other questions, contact us  (whatsapp/message) on 571-425-0234