Connecting Commuters in

Washington D.C Metro Area

F.A.Q page

What is Ahoy Carpool?

Ahoy is a carpooling mobile app exclusively built for connecting commuters in Washington DC Metro (DMV area).

Do I get paid if I offer ride to someone?

No. People who took the ride with you will help you to use the HOV lanes for FREE on I-66, I-395 and I-495.  
Is Ahoy caprool app free?

Yes, absolutely. It's a free app available in Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store)

How can I book my carpool in advance?

Use "Book A Carpool" option. 

(You can choose to "Drive" or "Ride")

Can I ride with people of my choice?

Yes, you can choose people of your choice when you book a carpool. If they accept your request, you can carpool with them.

How can I track my upcoming carpools?

You can use "My Carpools" option to track your uncoming (scheduled) rides.

How can drivers verify riders?

Riders need to provide a "confirmation no." to drivers so driver will be able to start the trip.

(My Carpools screen)

How does a driver start a trip?

My Carpools screen has all scheduled rides. Drivers need to open a particular ride and verify confirmation no. of rider(s) before they can start a trip.

What is Ahoy Wallet?

This feature is currently disabled -  we encourage users to ignore it for now.

Can I Cancel my scheduled carpool?

Yes, you have the ability to cancel the trip.

I am new in DC Metro area - how do I use the app?
Over 100 commuter locations are mapped in the app for commuter's convenience. 
Always feel free to contact us (whatsapp/message) for any commuter tips. We are here to help you

I travel from Ashburn to Union Station - how can I see if I have other users who commutes in the same direction?
Ahoy carpool app has "Smart-Match" built into it. Based on your commute preferences it will show you the matches.

Any other questions, contact us  (whatsapp/message) on 571-425-0234