​The Benefits of Carpooling with Ahoy

If you have ever used a carpool, you will testify to the many benefits of the system. For other people who have never even heard of the system, carpooling refers to a system of arrangement where car journeys are shared between people. Carpooling with Ahoy allows more than one person ride in a car and prevents other ride sharers from having to drive to a location by themselves. With Ahoy, you will get the 1-1 carpooling experience with the possibility of making a new life-long friend.


Carpooling comes with many benefits including cost effectiveness, driving stress, pollution and many other things. Below are 5 solid reasons why you should consider carpooling with Ahoy for your next destination and trips.


1.      Cost effectiveness

Carpooling with Ahoy can help you save hundreds and probably thousands of dollars annually as it cuts the cost of travelling to locations you frequent. Using our app can help you save money as families can cut back to one car rather than face the cost of maintaining two or more.

2.      Stress management

Carpooling prevents the stress of going in regular transit. If you are not driving, carpooling can save you significant stress of sitting and steering all day long. You even get to relax, read a book or explore nature when in commute.

3.      Networking and friendships

Carpooling allows commuters to foster positive relationship and enjoy each other’s company. You also get to build a network of like-minded people, based on your personal preference, that you can leverage later for professional relevance.

4.      Ecofriendly

Carpooling with Ahoy is environmentally friendly and is a great way to reduce air pollution from car fumes and exhaust gases.

5.      Traffic congestion management

When people carpool with Ahoy, there are lesser people driving on the road which translates to lesser traffic congestions. By filling one car to its maximum capacity, there are lesser drivers on the road and lesser need for parking spaces.


Try the app for yourself and experience the many benefits of carpooling with Ahoy!